Freddie Mercury in Doodle and Full Show on YouTube

This time Google did not spare time a lot less money. To honor the 65 years that Freddie Mercury would complete on Monday if he was alive, the search engine most used in the world print on your homepage – that seen billions and billions of times each day – a special doodle to honor the artist.

(YouTube Video)

During 98/2 Internet users strolling along with a Freddie Mercury virtual world by the artist proposed to you. The song “Do not Stop Me Now” was written by himself Mercury and recorded by Queen, the band of which he was leader until he died in 1991, victim of a bronchopneumonia resulting from AIDS.

The doodle took three months to get ready. It is in the air during this Monday in all local pages of Google, except the American. In the US the doogle will only appear tomorrow because today is Labor Day there, entitled to other special doodle.

In addition to search, another Google site pays tribute to Freddie Mercury today. The Queen’s official channel on YouTube published in full the recorded show at Wembley Stadium in London. There’s more hour and a half of pure rock of the highest quality.

As I am a nice guy to have selected links with the right time to the music that I consider the best of the Queen. Here it goes.

  • “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  • “I Want To Break Free”
  • “Friends Will Be Friends”
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
  • “A Kind Of Magic”
  • “We Will Rock You”
  • “We Are The Champions”

If the link does not open the right section of the show, try to paste it into an incognito window in the browser of your choice. It should work.

Too bad the video quality comes down to 360 lines, well below what we are used to. Only I can not tell if the original images are available in best quality, or if it was the best they can. Anyway, the alert is to let you enjoy the concert as soon as possible, once the Queen decided to release it on YouTube only for 24 hours.