Football Cards that are Valuable

Football cards are a very popular product. There is a large group of collectors, both older and younger. Especially the first album of Panini can give lots of money, especially in the event that they are full. The Italian company began in 1961 with the release of the album. In the Netherlands, the first album in 1978. Since 2008 the album in the Dutch League is published in collaboration with Albert Heijn. The pictures are massively purchased and exchanged on sites like Marktplaats. Thanks in part to Albert Heijn collects baseball cards again in vogue. The collection of platelets. In collaboration with the Italian firm Panini gives Albert Heijn since 2008 yearly forecast and football album. At € 10 on food, get a bag of five football cards of the main actors in the 18th Eredivisie clubs. The images can be pasted in an album with the goal to get it filled. In an album fit average 400 to 500 pictures, so it may be here to collect. Also finals in WORLD CUP and EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Panini always comes with its own disc.


Panini began in 1961 with the publication of the pictures. They were then cardboard plates can be pasted. From 1962 the photos were actually stickers. Panini grew rapidly when the around the World Cup in Mexico in 1970, began with the release of an album which contains the countries and major stakeholders. In 1971 began a Panini with albums where the players were pictured in the Italian League.The company expanded rapidly to other countries. In 1978, the first album by the Dutch League was released. Since the company spent each year until 2000 a new album. Then it was four years released something Panini because it could not agree with the players slot on prize for portrait rights. Since 2008 seems the album in collaboration with the grocery chain Albert Heijn. Panini has just limited to soccer. For example, in the past, for example, also released albums with famous cyclists, but also movies and games. In the Netherlands, Panini, best known for the football albums.

The value of a football albums

For many people the albums evoke a sense of nostalgia, for the very reason that they gather it in childhood. Thus, there is a large group of adults collectors try to get the older albums in your hands.In particular, the complete album is valuable. For a full album from the World Cup in Mexico are paid as a few thousand euros. For a whole album of the subsequent WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Germany and Argentina paid a couple of hundred euros on condition that the disc is in good condition. A complete album of the Dutch League is worth a few dollars. Who wants to buy the former international album can best find on Ebay. Only occasionally are the albums are also available at the Dutch auction Catawiki website or Marketplace. The Dutch albums are widely available there. Also separate images can be found on the Marketplace are offered regularly, so an older, incomplete album, with a little patience and the market regularly monitor also be supplemented.

Album complete, buy or swap

Scientists have calculated that there should be 899 package of stickers bought for making album of the football World Cup in Brazil. This album contains 640 stickers. It is also possible to order in the last 100 plates at Panini using the order form. Among avid collectors, however, are not made. It is seen as cheating. Mutual exchange is allowed again, according to the unwritten “code of honor”. This happens a lot in the schoolyard, but this can also enthusiasts in various forums, but also again Marketplace justified. Especially when it comes to the plates there en masse to an actual disc.