Flashlight Headlamp Bike Rechargeable Led Helmet 6007

The HY-6007 Headlight is ideal for mountaineering, camping or repairs, leaving your hands free for activity, but it can also be used on your bike, to light the way. Using state-of-the-art technology, it features sophisticated Cree Led XML T6, the highest performance and lightest Led light in the market, 20% more efficient than Cree Q5 or Cree MCE, consumes only 15% of a common lamp and has a up to 100,000 hours. With the aluminum body, the HY-6007 Headlight is resistant to water, mud, rain and shocks.

It has 5 operating modes (Economy, Normal, Super Power, Strobo and SOS).

In addition to being efficient, the HY-6007 Headlight does not bother as it is very light at only 148 grams.

For its operation, the HY-6007 Headlight uses rechargeable battery and comes with bi-volt charger (110v-220v).

– 188000W
– 526000 LUMENS
– Comfortable

– Aluminum body

– Waterproof

– Shock proof

– Corrosion proof

– 5 operating modes

1 mode: 25% of capacity (Economy)

2 mode: 50% capacity (Normal)

3 mode: 100% capacity (Super Powerful)

4 mode: Strobe (Used in emergency situations to signal your location)

5 mode: SOS

– It uses Cree XML micro-led T6, source of energy saving, with consumption equal to 15% of a common lamp

– Lamp life up to 100,000 hours of use.

– Charger bivolt (110v – 220v)

– Carrying pouch

– Rechargable battery

– Bicycle adapter

– Approximate weight: 148g