First Birthday Golden and Pink Carousel

Really Golden and pink Carousel is ideal to celebrate the first birthday of your princesses. All transports us to our children see a carousel, and brings back warm memories, mimes and a big smile. By these so tender emotions, this theme is ideal to celebrate with the dearest, that your daughter meets a year. That day is also nostalgic, you realize how quickly that will grow, and what better than this so emotional topic for an exciting day

Ideal for:

Given the luxury and sophistication of details used in this event, see it appropriate for a first birthday of girl and christenings. It requires a very special, if not, it would be very flashy situation

The best: It is difficult to opt for one or two favorite motifs in this super event. They have achieved so much decoration and taken care of every detail, which makes you feel as if you were turning into a merry-go-round listening to background music. But I have enoramorado all the wooden figurines with horses to different heights, the scrap and the teaspoons of pearls, seem a cucada. Cookies, cake pops and cupcakes I give them a 10

Colors: Pink and gold as protagonists and a subtle touch of celestial, that day should have been used more in you would answer it or not have employee nothing, because the brush strokes are so few that it seems that they have cast

Cost: It’s an exclusive super event, with details to the millimeter and all decorative items made by hand, until the dessert spoons. Now, the same idea to a not-so-high cost, could enjoy without, of course, the level mnaximo of details that exist in this event

Tips: The theme I like, and the decoration itself, but may find it a little heavy, especially the layout of the table. They have placed all together so that it loses prominence, and should be set carefully to be able to appreciate the beauty and every thing work. In my opinion a better provision would give a more elegant touch. Also have to say that the flowers of the tables seem to me too much.

Invited gifts: In this event we have it super simple, and a small wooden carousel would undoubtedly be better detail, iaqu have thought the same thing… was easy this time. As for the packaging, because perfection can be seen in every detail, the eavoltorio is very poor. I would wrap him in a bag white silk (but a little tighter to the extent of the carousel) and closed with beads and a card with the name of each guest

Photos: karaspartyideas

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