Firefox 4: Faster Than Chrome and Safari, at Least on Macs

The internet is full of JavaScripts. So it is important that a browser has one engine fast rendering for this type of code. The Chrome uses an implementation of the V8 that makes it one of the fastest on the market today. But if Mozilla continue to evolve the betas of Firefox 4 and its implementation of engines TraceMonkey and JaegerMonkey, he can take the first place of the browser Google soon.
The word is Mozilla itself, then turn the desconfiômetro. The company updated on Friday passed the site graphics Are We Fast Yet? (We are already fast? in free translation) that displays the results of the benchmark JavaScript rendering engines Firefox 4 Chrome and Safari. For the first time since the release of Firefox 4 beta, the test showed that the browser was 6.2 milliseconds faster than Chrome and 19.4 milliseconds faster than Safari on test sunspider. In the test v8bench, he managed to distance himself further from Safari, but needs to improve to achieve Chrome. The tests were performed, according to the website on a Mac Mini.

Although the tests are dependent on the hardware on which they run, it gives an idea that all creators of browsers are concerned to reduce the charging time. If it is only to provide a better browsing experience for the user or only for propaganda purposes, you can not know for sure. Maybe it’s a combination of both. But I think it tends to the latter.