Find Your Lost Android with New App

Now Google’s customers also find their lost or stalne from another mobile phone using.

Today’s smartphones are filled to the brim with private information, and the idea that it could end up in the hands of the wrong, get the sweat produced at the most.

Technology-giant has since August offered “Android Device administrator” as from the computer can find and delete content from your lost Android cell.

Now, Google has launched an app dedicated to the purpose, which also has the name “Android Device administrator”. It writes Google itself.

It can also be downloaded from the Google Play Big here

The app has exactly the same functionality as Google already offers to the computer, but it might be a little reassuring that you do not need to be home to the desktop, to find your lost mobile.

Always remember to set the code on your devices so that unauthorized persons do not have direct access to your privacy. This is done under options, Lock Screen, screen lock.