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Temperature determination of the sleeping bag to your data

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BMI (Body Mass Index) can be translated as body mass index. BMI compares each man’s height and weight. Roughly speaking, the calculated value of BMI tells us if we are underweight, ideal weight, or overweight. Now to determine overweight BMI is used most often. BMI can be calculated easily and so that by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. Body mass index is particularly important because it will tell us whether or not we have overweight and if so, how is our big overweight. The higher the BMI, the greater are overweight. And, the more overweight, the greater the health risks – ie the risk that we do experience a variety of diseases and health problems resulting from obesity. To use BMI certain constraints relating in particular to children (still growing), pregnant women, and strongly muscled people (ie. Athletes). There are only complementary information entered. Obese man will always be better tolerate cold as thin because it will be better insulated your fat from the cold.

Concepts and values ​​used in standard EN 13537

Standard man: age 25 years, weight 70 kg, height 173 cm

Standard female: age 25 years, weight 60 kg, height 160 cm

comfort skin temperature is the temperature of the skin of the fuselage standard women, which does not feel uncomfortable chill. The standard indicates that the fuselage skin temperature falls below 32.8 ° C, in fact, provides for a temperature of 32.2 ° C.  Skin temperature limit is the temperature of the skin of the body may, when does not feel uncomfortable coldness. The standard specifies a temperature of 32.9 ° C, in fact, provides for a temperature of 31.8 ° C. Skin temperature extreme is the skin temperature of the hull standard women. The standard specifies 29 ° C, in fact, provides for a temperature of 25.8 ° C. It is the temperature of the skin of the hull, which still does not damage the organism cold (hypothermia). It is anticipated that the metabolism is increased by 30% and to himself except sleeping bags have extra clothes that we had at extreme temperature outside during the day. It is thus understood as a sleeping bag for the survival limit. Definitely not sleep.  Basal metabolic rate (BEE) male / female determines the height, age, weight and sex of the individual. Basal metabolism is the amount of energy needed by our body for its operation without moving. (Imagine that you are lying all day on the mat and not doing nothing but live) BEE is determined by many factors such as gender, age, environment in which is found, the amount of muscle tissue, thyroid function and metabolic rate. This baseline value can be calculated by the Harris-Benedict formula. For both men and women used different values.

Information on energy expenditure and metabolism

There are three main components of energy expenditure: basal metabolism, active movement and processing of food. Most energy issues through the body basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of energy that is needed for basic life processes in the body during sleep, normal temperature for a complete physical and mental rest. It is called. Basic metabolism, the energy consumption in 24 hours indicates the average of 7140 kJ (1700 kcal) in men and 6300 kJ (1500 kcal) in women.

You could also express so that within one hour of sleep or complete rest we go 250-300 kJ (60-70 kcal), a per minute 4,2-5 burn kilojoules (roughly 1 kcal). Amount of energy consumption is influenced by body structure, height, age, gender. Energy requirements are greatest during childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation period. As you get older, declining joules needed to keep the body functioning, which often do not respect, then thickens. Basal metabolism is lower in women than in men. It is caused by adipose tissue, whose percentage is higher in the female body, has a lower energy consumption than muscular tissue.  Similarly, in people with higher% fat at the same weight. Each zhubnutím and again in retaining only increases% body fat, and therefore reduces the basal metabolism. The amount of energy you consume when you are at rest, which represents the most basic energy consumption. For some people it looks as though their metabolic engine was better adjusted and amounted to less energy consuming more power, have lower basal metabolism. Also readiness to fat deposition may be increased and vice versa mobilization impaired. And this is one of the possible causes of injustice they feel – another can eat what he wants, and not to see him, and you are sustaining the weight of such problems. How much more energy expenditure, it depends on you, on your activities during the day, on your active movement.

Energy conservation laws work for everyone. To increase energy expenditure contributes not only to move, but also the fact that even many hours after the workout is faster metabolism. At regular movement rises% muscle at the expense of fat, thereby increasing the basal metabolism. The last essential component of energy expenditure is the energy required to process food. Most of the energy is delivered for protein digestion.