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Cabinets are found in air versions, airline counter and fitting counters.

Service area in activities is successful. The cabinets of the service area appear at the top of the list as the main allies to help you in this task. In addition to the dry cleaners, the parts can be installed in the pantry, in the backyard or on the balcony.

Find Overhead Cabinet Home Depote

Learn more about the versions of cabinets online, choose the one that best matches your pantry and enjoy taking it to the house right now.

Auxiliary furniture

Practicality and organization are the key benefits of auxiliary furniture available in the closet and cabinet versions. You can store cleaning products, tools and other objects. Another auxiliary mobile model that is successful is the folding table. You can use it as support for ironing your clothes and when not in use, fold it up. Thus, there is a gain in space environment.

Closet balcony

With two features, the counter cabinets are generally used to store products and can serve as a desk for you to accommodate the folded clothes, for example. Want more convenience? Stick with a model that has on its surface one ironing board. The parts in store for you will be tailored to your space, since there is a wide variety of a size. Check it!

Evolutionary laundry

Ideal for those with compact spaces, the evolutionary laundry consists of a set of parts, such as rails, shelves, brackets and baskets. The main benefit of this model is the composition according to their needs, since the pieces are fitted on rails. For this feature, you can also change the heights, which brings versatility to your service area.

Air cabinet

One of the main benefits of installing overhead cabinets in the service area is undoubtedly leave cleaning products and tools far away from children and pets, in addition to the space gain. The pieces are at your disposal with different heights, widths and depths and with one or two door options. Here you also find air hangers, suitable for hanging clothes that need to be dried or aired.

Tall cabinet

According to, the tall cabinet is one piece in which you can put brooms, squeegees, shovels, buckets, ladders and more desired. The product has heights ranging from 145 cm to 195 cm and models with one or two doors. To help you in the organization, some versions have shelves, drawers and hooks.