Finally Makes a Beautiful Wedding Dress for Kurvige!

In preparation for her own wedding, the Scottish blogger Lolly sought inspiration. The search on the net, however, brought her little more than frustration.
“It’s not new that overweight people get married, so why is it so hard to find the right stuff?” 
She decided to take her luck into her own hands. And asked other curvy women on her blog Lolly Likes Fatshion and on Facebook for help. They should share photos and stories to share their love with her. By November 2015, they had reached 105 letters.

Fotoshow: Lolly shows us how cool fashion can be beyond clothing size 36

Fun at Fashion: Lolly likes Fatshion

Lolly then published the stories of other plus-size pairs. The couples shared not only romantic details. In the foreground was above all the wedding mode in the appropriate(over) size:
“From the people around me went great pressure to lose weight before the wedding. I was constantly asked what diet I do.”
“I was very afraid not to find a suitable dress in my size for such an important occasion”
“Since I am overweight, I realized that the purchase of the wedding dress will not be as easy and beautiful as I hoped it would be for a little girl, I love the dress I have found, but I would definitely say that I’ve decided mainly for this because I knew how difficult it would be to find an alternative.”
The reports motivated Lolly to her video”105 Fat/Plus Bride/Groom Photos”. With the corresponding entry on her blog , she opens up a disparaging debate: diversity in fashion does not only include varied cuts. A larger selection of clothing sizes-also in the festive wardrobe-is also included.
“The industry needs to understand that fat people are nothing extraordinary, you love, get married, have sex and found families.We have the same right to a perfect day as everyone else Be a problem-but that’s exactly what it does.”
The fashion industry in particular should be able to listen more closely.