Fiesta Tropical Birthday with Flamingos

Ideas for the Organization of a tropical holiday with flamingos. Ideal theme for birthday celebrations of summer or communions, versatile for children, given the colors used. No doubt transports us to a tropical country, the summer, the heat and the flipflops… and accommodates many entertainment activities for children where fun is guaranteed.

Ideal for: Communions and children’s parties for children older than 5 years

The best: The decoration used in this Tropical Party I prefer the combination of black and white stripes that give a touch of super fun, and that details such as the lower floor of the cake or the cake sticks ideal pos and more chic. I love the cake and all the pastries simulating pineapples and flamingos. But all I would stay with the totem of welcome and corner designed for the PhotoBooth

Colors: Super summer colors are used to give freshness and fun. Green grass, mixed with yellow and pink, breaking with black and white stripes. Should be a child, can be used instead of the pink orange and would be just as well

Tip: If you can organize a party as carefully decorated as we have here, no doubt decoraría Candy Bar soil with grass following the idea to the corner of welcome and the PhotoBooth. Building on the corner so beautiful that they have created for the photos, I think should not miss costume necklaces of flowers, skirts of fringes of colors, colored glasses adorned with flamingos, etc with which they are sure who spend it are great and they can take advantage of the beach flip flops that have been chosen in this case as a gift of gratitude and that seems to me to be ideal

Invited gifts: Here they have opted for some flipflops on colors for the children, and it seems an ideal great, and can customize them with each child’s name. A fun and practical gift

Photos: karaspartyideas

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