Fertile Period Whose Pill

Who Uses Birth Control Has Fertile Period?

This question is very common, especially among women who do not know properly how do birth control pills. Before giving the necessary explanation and addressed the reasons why this happens, let’s take the one true answer: No. Who manages the use of contraceptive medicines has no fertile period, see why.

For those who don’t know, the contraceptive drugs are used to inhibit ovulation, i.e. no releases ova for fertilization to occur. Thus, in the absence of ovulation is impossible to get pregnant while you are using the contraceptive pill correctly. Menstruation who uses methods such as birth control pills is just one form of the organism signal that there’s a pause between a card and another of the medicine, a hormonal deprivation.

The contraceptive pill is a method of contraception with 99% of safety and effectiveness. Taking the medicine correctly is virtually impossible to conceive, except in some exceptional cases. Among these cases are incorrect use of the pill, that is, if the person does not take birth control every day, always at the same time; ingest some medicine that reduces the effects of the pill, as the antibiotics; has dizziness and vomit until 2 hours after taking the pill and other factors.

If any of the above situations occur, the woman ovulate normally and if you have sex probably the egg will be fertilized, generating a pregnancy.