Federico Macheda Manchester United Goals

Federico “Kiko” Macheda is an Italian football talent who plays for Manchester United. He came to Manchester United from Lazio in September 2007 and fell in the English Premier League already shown its best side. He is the revelation of the 2008/2009 football season? Federico Macheda was born August 22, 1991 in Rome. His first professional club was Lazio who mocked him soon on the local Atletico Prenestino. As under Italian law a player under 18 years no professional contract may sign, however, he has never officially Lazio played in the seniors.Shortly after his 16th birthday, he was taken away by Manchester United. In England, a similar law, but over 16 years. English clubs have often benefit from this advantage when buying young talent. Macheda moved with his family to England and started in September 2007 with a three-year course at the Manchester Academy.

Because of his great talent Macheda went straight to the Manchester United Under-18 teams. Here he was able to make an immediate impression on his debut against Barnsley makes the only goal. In his first season he was the top scorer of his team with 12 -18 goals in 21 games, and in between he also made ​​his debut in the second to Manchester United in February 2008, where he could fill in for Gerard Piqué in a 2 ?? 0 defeat against Young Liverpool. On 12 May 2008, the Macheda gathering Cup medal winner when he sat on the bench for 2 ?? 0 wins final against Bolton Wanderers.

The onset of The First

Macheda signed his first professional contract with Manchester United on his 17th birthday in August 2008. In the 2008 season ?? 09, he continued to play for -18 team, but he was also used several times in the second. At the end of the season he played more often here. He even managed to make eight goals from eight games, including a hat-trick against Newcastle United on March 30, 2009. The big reward came when he was selected for his first league match of the first against Aston Villa on 5 April 2009 when Manchester United 2 ?? behind was manager Alex Ferguson Macheda for Nani still to play for half an hour. After Cristiano Ronaldo in the 80th minute had the tying goal, Macheda caused a big surprise by deciding match in the third minute of overtime. With a superb curling shot from just outside the penalty area, he gave United three points.
Macheda got the next two matches once again sit on the bench, first against Porto in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and then on the national cup against Sunderland. In the final match he appeared for the second time. Just 46 seconds after he came on the field for Dimitar Berbatov, Macheda had the ball again be in the top corner. By a shot from Michael Carrick convenient to change direction, he left goalkeeper Craig Gordon no chance.

Saved From Poverty

In an interview with the Mirror told Macheda father Pasquale how Manchester United’s family saved from the poverty they lived in Italy. The aandbod a youth contract £ 73,000 per year, the family was not just missing. Now it’s so fast with the development of young players will not take too long before he has a very large contracts can start drawing from one of the best clubs in the Premier League. According to the club, they will not let it happen to Federico beside the shoes she will run. Captain Gary Neville will not allow. The films his two winning goals on YouTube has been viewed thousands of times.