Fashion Trend Plus Size 2016

The fashion trends are always a hit with women of all styles.

And women who are overweight also care about thelooks they will wear each year, after all every woman wants to look beautiful and fashionable .

As well as the traditional parades that present novelties in skinny models that even escape the standard of the population of women, also has the parades directed towards fashion plus size.

In these parades are presented the main pieces that promise to succeed with chubby women ( 13 Spring / Summer Fashion Trends 2016).

If you use the fashion pluz size and want to be within the current fashion, here are some fashion plus size trends for 2016.

Marked Waist

To help shape the body of women, the tendency of the marked waist appears in several pieces. One of them is the dress with modeling wider and with marking in the waist to leave the body more balanced.

For the summer these pieces appear in vibrant and cheerful colors like red, orange, blue and mix of prints.In winter the colors appear more subdued.

Jeans Dress

The jeans are right presence in plus size fashion 2016 at, but this time in dress models . Jeans dresses appear in wide and unstressed modeling to make the look more comfortable for the hottest days of the year.

To make the look more balanced and with the waist marked, a good tip is to opt for the belt to complete the look.

Mix Of Prints

Whoever thinks chubby women should avoid stamped parts is totally wrong. That’s because the embossed pieces also value the coolest silhouette. And this time the trend of fashion plus size 2016 is to mix prints in a same look to make the look cheerful and bold.

Floral Pattern

The floral prints always succeed in fashion and in any season. This time this trend is very delicate and feminine, appears in several plus size pieces such as blouses, shorts, dresses and shirts. The use of this stamp in the look leaves the woman more beautiful and still rejuvenates.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors also appear in plus size fashion 2016 to make the looks more joyful and fun. It is not because you are overweight you should wear only black. You can also bet on the vibrant colors on the hottest days to look beautiful and modern. The secret to not miss is to always choose the pieces that value you.

Did you like the trends? So enjoy the pieces that most match your style to razor in 2016 on any type of occasion!