Fashion Tips for Winter 2016

Having style is a matter of “touch”. Our advice to create his touch.

1 – The Long Gloves

How fortunate not to feel the cold wind rush under our sleeves and freeze our forearms … It could be a good reason to wear long gloves, but first, it’s just that it’s ultra- trend! “The gesture that accompanies it is crucial. That puts it or you take it off, that the buttoned or unbuttoned patiently, it induces a tour of graceful and feminine hand,” says besides the world in its history of the glove. But the supreme elegance, but also to break the … by threading them with a shirt or sweater/sweatshirt over-size! It is cowardly, it dares all.

2 – The Belt on the Mantle

The belt can become the ally impact our look, it allows notably to boost our “posh” when the door in an original way. As … over a coat! and it is placed at waist level at the thinnest point, and greenhouse. This completely breaks the silhouette of the coat giving a more feminine side. We do not hesitate to change models as socks for varied styles: wide, thin, knotted, high or low rise brief, it is tested and we choose what speaks to us best.

3 – Tying His Sweater Scarf

The designer Christophe Lemaire has had the good idea to bundle up its models under sweaters knotted scarf. And … it has given us want to do the same! Because in addition to sound super soft and cozy, it gives a kind mid-casual, semi-sophisticated (and may also sting those in our guy for something different).