Fashion Show Spring-Summer Chanel, Immediate Shipment by Door No.5

At the Grand Palais in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld and makers of Chanel they have recreated a fictional airport, the Paris-Cambon terminal. There, in the terminal 2 c, and for door no. 5 (as it could not be otherwise) under large posters that pointed to destinations such as Moscow or Singapore (the names of some of the most famous collections of Chanel) were parading stewardesses and pilots wearing new uniforms designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The guests at the parade, sitting in the waiting room of this improvised airport, counters, attended to the immediate shipment, by the gate number 5, in first class of lucky travelers flying on 6 October to warmer destinations.

To travel, some looked ample skirts above tweed pants, textured cotton or denim; others had opted for sets of three parts with aircraft prints Blue, white and Red they remembered a little to the colors of the French flag.

In this airport, you could also see tops and silver smocks -a nod to the carligas of retro airplanes? -, who knows, and it matters little, but what if that is true is that they much contrasted with the costumes that had been stamped classic panel Announces if the flights have landed already or if they bring delay.

Curious short jackets, bolero type, with skirts denim pants; the crop rop ties with strass embroideries (similar to the of Elio Benhayer exposed in the Museum of the suit in Madrid) coordinated with skirts pants leather.

Personally what I liked were the famous tailleurs tweed, the House brand, in its most minimal since for failing, they had no neck, no pockets. Not be if it was for the hat that had been accesorizados, but the fact is that they reminded me very much to Caroline of Monaco the day of the wedding of our Kings Felipe and Letizia, which wore when he had to go to the temple alone because of that famous “Hanover” which created school.

Precious bags inspired by that tend to take the hostesses made leather matelasse and also in tweed. Curiosisimos the Mini-trolley transformed into evening bags, the futurists Silver Aviator sunglasses in size XXL.

A very original detail the of the sleep masks during the flight in a sky blue pigment that makeup director Tom Pecheux combined with a translucent complexion and lips painted a very soft pink.

In the front-row Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily Rose Deep, face Delevingne (which as it no longer parade is dedicated to see the bulls from the sidelines) and his girlfriend Annie Clarke, the actress Virginie Ledoyen and Ines de la Fressange. When Karl went in front of her, face could not avoid him and rose to give him a big hug. The Kaiser invited her to join him while giving back to the ring between ovations, accompanied, as usual, by Hudson Kroenig, his godson, seizing with Force Commander Cap.

Nothing to do with the treatment dispensed to the Directors of Air France yesterday, when about this airline workers, angry at cuts and layoffs, made them tattered shirts and jackets.

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