Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Heavier

What are the clothes that make you look fatter our bodies and lower than it actually is? We tell you in this article.
But this dress I get fat? How many times have we asked that question as we look with skeptical look in the mirror, looking for the smallest defect. And, if in the house with us there is some unfortunate that it can dissolve our doubts willing to take a few insults if so, what would make our best friend, we arrovelliamo to see if we’re good or not.

Sometimes, it would be handy to have a guide that clearly and directly, tell us what is best not to wear not to seem wider than tall. Just why did this article, to meet all those women who occasionally commit some slip. So here’s our advice:

1. Adherents Dresses

If you want to look slim and slender, a tight-fitting dress is the wrong choice, because it highlights all difettucci of our body. Then the situation is likely to fall if this dress is decorated with horizontal stripes, that widen, or is too short or too revealing, because you risk falling into vulgarity

2. Skinny Jeans

When you have a slender and proportioned physique, a pair of skinny jeans are a must-have from the closet, but when the proportions are not very flattering is best to avoid wearing. Better opt for a couple of less tight trousers, but plain and not with the prints, because the latter end to enlarge the legs.

3. The Three-Quarter Pants

This kind of pants should be abolished because they cut the calf in two, resulting unflattering against all those women who are not high one meter eighty, further shortening; furthermore, also widen the figure of those already in itself is not very thin.

4. Bulky Jackets

A bulky jacket, as keep warm, widens the figure and makes it more round, disappearing forms. Of course, we’re not telling you to expose yourself to cold not to wear this vest, but try several to find the right one for you.

5. Crew Neck Neckline

Some are beautiful, but unfortunately if our neck is short is better to avoid them, because they cut and make him look stocky. If we want to make it appear sleeker, better to opt for a shirt with a V-neckline embellished with a pendant.

6. Flared Skirts

A skirt of this length combined effect wheel, perhaps aggravated by the presence of folds or prints, shortens and widens the figure. In SMBer, it is best to avoid the wide skirts.

7. Wedges

The wedges or wide heels do not soften the figure and even add weight to the lower body. Better to opt for thin heels and pointy shoes, able to bring up the foot longer and elongate the leg.

8. Baggy Sweaters

The immense sweaters where so many of us love to get lost against the cold are not very generous with our body because they do look like a shapeless mass. Then, if the sweater is also turtlenecks, it is like perhaps the final blow.

9. Shoes with Ankle Strap

Women who do not have long legs and wearing shoes with ankle strap is as if cut off their leg, shortening it. Better to prefer a no strap shoe or opt for a beige shoe or flesh color, to create the illusion of continuity.