Fashion Chilli Beans Berets, Caps & Hats

The Chilli Beans fashion for winter 2010 brings berets, caps and hats with style and good taste. The fashion that brings beautiful accessories have made you more beautiful and linked in fashion trends.
You must remember the brand attached to the segment of dark glasses your specialty, is now conquering the aftermarket.
Acting in the aftermarket from December to Chilli Beans, it grows every day and brings its line with trucker style caps in which it has a screen in the back, this more sporty, with modern design, bold and a look beyond stripped, certainly very young have become their customers.
The beret hat will win over the young, they are beautiful with chess prints, cotton fabrics and the faces of our young people.
For women, berets carry some more feminine accoutrements like bows, with chess prints and others, they look beautiful and make women more charming.
For those who enjoy a ballad that uses something more sophisticated like hats, this style is more urban that can be used with diverse looks, for you to dare and to fall in the ballad.
The pieces can be found in viscose, elastane and cotton the pieces are beautiful and flies make your look more complete.
The cheeks come with velvety fabric leaving the look more refined and modern, get ready to fall into the ballad and use it without worry of making a mistake, create a modern look with it.
And there is always a Chilli Beans store near you, after all, there are 250 sales outlets, which will make the heads of young people with great taste and of course connected in fashion news.