Famous Brand Pants Models

Today to choose between the brands of trousers of famous brands that exist around, it is a little complicated, because the quality in jeans is increasingly surprising.

The quality of the material, the models that increasingly show the feminine forms with elegance, the differentiated technology that comes with new trends every season, everything has to do.

Here we list some of the best known and that bring quality, so we have the: Denunciation that is young yet but makes the greatest success, the Osmoze which is of the same group of Complaint and also brings quality, the Sawary brand known as the Sabrina brand Sato that brings pants lines raises butt and model butt, solving the issue of the self esteem of many women.

We also have the Levis that is the precursor of jeans or better who brought the jeans to the world, and now brings the 3 lines Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve, precisely to satisfy the different physical types.

The Ellus that with well-made cuts also dress very well, Biviki, a brand more within reach of all, Linda Z, Colcci, Lee Tradition mark, Diesel, and there are still many, but many famous brand pants from the outside that we will not quote now.