Fall Winter Jewelry Trends 2016

How to embellish your look so stylish? Try with jewels! In our article we reveal the latest jewel trends.

It’s time to discover the new trends for autumn/winter jewelry 2015-2016: choose to complete your outfit?

Often you buy featured particularly affect us because, because you walk among the brothers and sisters of the stores and you notice over some clothes. Fascinate us and we make them ours. Sometimes we see them wear at different star or too many girls in the street and that is why we look for the wholesale store that has them or we go to a crazy online search.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but also all the jewelry we usually make the heart beat. Basically, think about it, with a beautiful necklace, maybe with lots of detail, oversized white tee and dated too long or turns. Jewelry charm, therefore, do not resist but among the new trends for autumn/winter 2015-2016, which are the coolest?

Certainly you must let it capture from the important ones, those stand out, able to completely transform your daily outfits. Must be large but not naff … Always pay attention to what you choose or better as match various jewelry, because when you choose a maxi is good to avoid other exaggerations, then avoid wearing other or prefer something light. And now we go down in detail and find out what are the autumn/winter fashion jewelry 2015-2016.

Jewelry with fringes

Are you amazed? Didn’t expected? Yet the jewels with fringes are those that have dominated the past winter fashion shows. What do we mean by fringe?

They are of thin wires hanging down and have this effect of softness and lightness, which normally used by clothing or other textile accessories. Usually the chain stitches but they can also be of the wires. Among those must haves include the bracelets with fringes, such as those proposed by Chloe and Nina Ricci.

Colored stones

The colored stones are beautiful on every frame, be it a stiff necklace, a bracelet, ring or earrings. In short, hard though not precious gems give any creations look more sophisticated and also give color without exceeding your personal outfit. Among the coolest creations we announce the dangling Love Rocks, those of Johnny Loves Rosie but also the minimalist look rock chic of Eshvi.

Oversized jewelry

The oversized jewelry, as we mentioned before make any look, even those total black, simply unique and wonderful. Give more style to every woman, so why not wear them?

The big earrings can be a bit heavy and sometimes so are the bracelets, especially for those who want to wear them to work and at work are forced to take them off. A good solution in this case are the necklaces, indeed the very particular structures, collier rigid ethnic style and often obviously oversized, like those offered by Warehouse, Zara and Asos.

And you what fashion do you prefer for this winter?