Fall Winter Fashion Colors 2016

Each season has its color. Exit pastel shades and fluorescent shades of summer. The autumn-winter 2016-2017 looks like a palette of warm colors and nuanced. Here are 10 shades to adopt without hesitation, according to experts at Pantone, the color bible.

Each season has its color. And like every year, the must Pantone offers its usual swatch of the season and 10 shades essential to adopt for autumn-winter 2016/2017.

Specialist color par excellence, the small American company has a huge influence on cosmetics brands, but also from the creators of the largest fashion houses that rely very often his ideas to set the tone of their collections. On its website, Pantone already gives the general idea:

“This season reveals a panorama of neutral and ground arrangements, with a few touches of bold colors and reflections of landscapes filled with hope, lightness, fantasy and natural.”

1. Marsala

Marsala color is directly inspired by a famous Sicilian dessert wine. A deep burgundy color and glamour, which would draw on almost brown. Pantone, the color Marsala recalls nothing less than a warm gourmet meal. Whatever the metaphor chosen already chosen color of winter: day and night, it will have the chic to give you a sophisticated look.

2. Chamois

Think of the sun rising just after a rainstorm and watch the subtle color and comfortable chamois. This is the closest of the brighter hue this season. No need to overdo it with this radiant color, she will dress you nothing. Avoid the total look, you’ll look a little off topic … With the buff, it is better to settle for a signature piece like pants, jacket or bag.

3. Cory Desert

The poetic name of this color refers to a certain idea of ​​neutrality. Timeless and fresh, the color that lies between the faded khaki and beige is natural to desire and agrees with everything, not practice?

4. Grass Dried

This winter, the military trends and safari back to base. So, Pantone could not avoid the return of dried grass. Organic and elegant, it blends with all styles, from elegant to the most casual.

5. Cloudy

An elusive color which, as its name implies, attempts to replicate the dark gray of a cloudy sky (careful, it also takes a bit of the blue). Cool and casual, this is an ideal color for your outfit to the office. Luxurious and discreet, this blue gray reflects the character of the season.

6. Blue Biscay

Blue Biscay is not an ordinary blue, since it is supposed to recall the sublime and very French Bay of Biscay located in the ocean Atlantic. If one has the impression that the water is rather dark, this color is meant yet tropical and energetic and rather tend to make us think of a turquoise blue. Cheerful and invigorating, it would give us almost want to leave on vacation.

7. Etang

Unlike the very bright blue Biscay, Pantone proposes a much more subdued shade of blue. Almost as dark a classic navy blue, she exudes a kind of turquoise reflection complicated to perceive indeed, but that makes all the difference. Timeless and elegant, this color is unquestionably one of the strongest basic of the season.

8. Rose Cashmere

Soft and feminine, the color pink cashmere is between the old pink and pastel pink. A color that makes you want to snuggle in front of a warm fireplace. Emblematic color of the 60s, this romantic tinge to desire is back this season.

9. Orchid

Vibrant, sensual and enigmatic, color orchid is the surprise of the season. It is also a little harder to wear than others. The thing is to dare. The secret ? It is as the creator Jonathan Saunders and used by touch!

10. Orange Cadmium

Forget the bright orange, this season the faded orange door. Because orange pumpkin is an optimistic and showy color that can soften to bring a little chic, it does not hesitate to adopt the cadmium orange this fall, just to stand out tristounettes silhouettes.