Facts about the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

A true athlete would do anything to ensure that there should be participation in the Olympic Games. The athletes will then try to get out of his country at one of the sports in which their country is not strong. So did Briton Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie Edwards by Eddie the Eagle, 1988 for England to join as a ski jumper who competed in the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. Both the disciplines of ski jumping, which Edwards participated, ended the British last. Through this Olympic achievement Edwards is seen as the worst Olympic ski jumper in the history of the Olympic Winter Games. Yet Edwards, thanks to his flamboyant appearance by his nickname Eddie the Eagle has become world famous. His celebrity is evident during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. His popularity after nearly 25 years is still relevant.

Instead of 2014 Winter Olympics

Michael Edwards and Eddie Edwards

Michael Edwards, best known under the names of Eddie Edwards by Eddie the Eagle did in 1988 took part in the Olympics in Calgary. He was the first ski jumper in the history of the Olympic Winter Games that played for the United Kingdom. By participating in the winter games Eddie Edwards became enormously popular. His popularity had Eddie Edwards, but not because of his Olympic performance. Eddie the Eagle owe their popularity to their ignorance and flamboyant look. Eddie Edwards was in comparison with the other participants, very heavy and solid. A normal ski jumper 1988 weighed at least eight kilos less than the weight of 82 kg of Eddie the Eagle. Also, Eddie the Eagle wearing big glasses. A glasses with glasses studded repeatedly during the games. Eddie Edwards was finally both the 70 m and 90 m ski jump at the last.
Eddie the Eagle
Michael Edwards, as does Eddie Edwards was called during the 1988 Winter Olympics, held in his performance at the Winter Olympics in 1988 nickname Eddie the Eagle. This nickname was Eddie Edwards because of his way to jump and land. The attitude of Edwards was compared with the descending pop of an eagle. This makes Eddie Edwards nicknamed Eddie the Eagle.
Thousands of fans
While the immense popularity of Eddie the Eagle in England during the Olympics in England was noticeable. Yet the popularity of Eddie Edwards to return was a huge surprise.
Right now the British from Calgary returned to England, where Eddie the Eagle met at London’s airport and received by dozens of policemen. The police tried to thousands of fans who were present at the airport curb. The fans was special for Eddie the Eagle travelled to London Airport. At the airport, there were even some fans of the Eddie the Eagle clashed with each other.

Eddie the Eagle rule

After the Olympic Games in Calgary where, since 1988 by the International Olympic Committee, more stringent requirements on qualifications. The withdrawal of this policy should ensure that incompetent athletes that Eddie the Eagle was seen by the IOC, would be banned from participating in the Olympic Winter Games. These rules also succeeded Eddie the Eagle, after the 1988 Winter Olympics, no longer to qualify again for the Winter Olympics.

Four hills tournament 2013

At the beginning of december, 2013, it was announced that Eddie the Eagle 2013 as a test jumper should come into action. Eddie the Eagle was on new year’s day, while the traditional and very popular ski jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, his test jumper. Ski jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a part of the four hills tournament. This show finally fell through. The cancellation was because world skibond FIS here, in connection with safety, not to give permission. In order not to disappoint their fans made Eddie the Eagle, before matches in Obersdorf, a demonstration of hope. Eddie the Eagle jump backward from a miniramp. Matches of Obersdorf was also held as part of the four hills tournament,
After the demonstration jump Eddie told the press?? that jump in Obersdorf more tasted and that he wanted to participate again next year. And who knows, if for the jumper, “said the Briton.

The 2014 Winter Olympics

After unsuccessful attempts to participate in the Winter Olympics in Albertville, Lillehammer and Nagano, Eddie the Eagle makes his comeback at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. But Eddie will not 2014 as an athlete taking part in the Winter Olympics. Eddie the Eagle will make a daily contribution to the evening programme NOS Studio Sport Winter. Eddie the Eagle, according to the CSS section herein, “may the Doon is balangreykah do winnan. This section presents the daily Eddie the Eagle in a playful way sports. In this sport the fragments is the Central motto ‘ participation is more important than to win. ” In this section will be devoted, among other things, take account of the Jamaican bobsleigh team. The Jamaican bobsleigh team did in 1988 took part in the Olympics in Calgary. The Jamaican bobsleigh team that competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics, was the basis of Walt Dinsey movie Cool Runnings. Cool Runnings was five years after the 1988 Winter Olympics, 1993 in the primary.
Studio Sport Winter
Studio Sport Winter, showing the part of Eddie the Eagle will be from 7 to 23 feb 2014 to see daily at 20 h 25 on 1 Netherlands.