Facing the Sea

Every year about this time I start to feel the need to see the sea. I’m not where I’m dying on the beach, is rather simply admire it, sit and look at the infinite, I am truly spellbound. At this point in the year soil be with expectations on a journey that every spring I do with my friends to any destination of costa, journey that helps me (and have fun) to take that feeling of anxiety until vacation arrived, but I’m afraid that this time will not be so. I have friends with agendas of Minister! We have been unable to balance a weekend to be able to go all, nothing until the end of September you can believe it?

Today I found the perfect home for me. Inside the truth, matters little me because its charm lies precisely in the views, almost 365 degrees of blue sea surrounding this marvel. The House is located on the island of Syros and is a project carried out by the Block722 architecture Studio.
The design process was marked by the orographic characteristics of the area, so a large staircase leads from the top of the housing up to the entrance, which is at a level lower. At the end of this descending path, open the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

The common areas of the House (living room and kitchen), they are in large, square volume (first image), here is another volume, this rectangular time, where private parties (bedrooms and bathrooms). Next to the main house there are guests, literally buried in the slope and defined by a stone wall typical of local architecture.

Inside we find an austere House, only the fair but very well chosen. Some furniture’s work, others in wood, stone, bamboo, or fibers,… I think that it would not hit anything else, bath is undoubtedly my favorite stay. And the best, as I said earlier, is on the outside where the two patios attached to housing, invite you to sit to simply leave to spend time looking at the sea…

Images: Block722 and Yatzar
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