Facebook Shows When Couples Separate More

Couples who choose to disclose their relationship on Facebook can mark that are together through site relationships feature. They can mark the option married, dating, boyfriends and several others. The social network keeps it in private or disclose for everyone, depending on what you choose. The important thing is that they both record the data when the relationship began on the site and the date she finished.

Out of curiosity, a researcher decided to raise public data when couples marked the end of a relationship and link the event with the dates on which they happen. David McCandless has collected more than 10,000 updates within the one year period and presented the results in the form of a graph displayed during his talk at TED.

The “discovery” was that certain holidays have separation peaks. Some dates are obvious, as the first of April and the start of the holiday in the US. Other dates or both, as Mondays April and Valentine’s Day.

The search also found that it is in the home that couples less separate, but two weeks before the holiday is another peak in relationships break.