Facebook Increases Limit of Updates to 63,206 Characters

In the early times, when the Facebook was powered by coal, the character limit on updates was 420. After he arrived in a thousand characters and for some time that the limit has reached absurd 5000 characters, and anything above that automatically turned “a note” when it was published. Today garrulous users of social network will have reason to celebrate: the limit surpassed the mark of 60,000 characters.

Who want to post their messages on Facebook will exact 63,206 characters space before the text needs to be transformed into a note in the profile. It still will be truncated to be displayed on the side news feed (which is 80 character limit) and feed the main news this text will be cut into 400 characters, with the option to be displayed in full below.

According to the site Geeky Gadgets, the explanation for this number was given by an engineer’s own social network, Bob Baldwin. He said he wanted something nerd to this limit. And the formula he used was the following…

“Facebook -> Boo K Face -> hex (FACE) – K -> 64206-1000 = 63206”

If there were a prize for the most nerdy guy of the year, I would say that he would be among the top contenders.