Facebook Goes to Orkut Users Hunting Again

TB readers will remember when Facebook launched a tool that taught the members of the social network to export their contacts from Orkut and add them on Facebook. If you do not remember, here’s a link to refresh the memory. Shortly after, as if by magic, Google changed its data export policy and removed the option to export emails from orkut friends, it was like the Facebook profiles found.

Today, however, Facebook wants to try again win over users of Google’s social network. Only this time involves not export a .csv file, everything is done through a web application. The application is not new: it is the same Friend Finder used to find known among the contacts of Gmail and other services. But he received an update and now operates also with Orkut friends.

To meet friends, go to the Friend Finder, scroll to the option Orkut, click the link Find Friends, put the address used on Orkut account, log in and let the magic happen programming. After the finished application, it should show a list of what your Orkut friends are already on Facebook, in addition to the option to add them already at that point.

We can even start the sweepstake: How long do you think it will take until Google will block the application? 24 hours? One week? I think before the end of this week service will already be disabled. Make your bets! Whoever gets closest wins two mariolas*.