Eyes Makeup

For a perfect makeup nothing better to work your eyes as they speak for themselves.
The eyeliner turned fever for women, every day more space conquest.
Eyes with expression mark the face of women, so abuse but do not overdo it.

The dark eye can be used in light shades of skin. To be chic, the best is to spread under opaque Brown shadow by setting the concave, and gold over to shine. In the lower eyelids, use the brush in order to go up in smoke the product.

The beauty makeup is bold. The blur style, inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll, combines with the climate and is ideal for weddings. Bold colors highlight the look.

The Cilia Can Be:

Beautiful Thick, long, generously curved and ideally separated, have all the desirable qualities.

Rebels Dense and often difficult to tame.

Unevenly spaced Has its own characteristics: irregularly spaced Eyelash fringe, empty spaces, particularly in the inside corner of the eye.

Straight No curvature, the Cilia to be confused with the very edge of the eye.

Weakened This type, result from the combination of short lashes, spaced and slightly curved.

Clear Blonde, dark blonde or reddish brown, are too light to contrast with the skin tone.

Not To Miss

Mask and curvex always go together.
The natural mask, easy grounds, but is removed without effort already waterproof mask dries quickly and is recommended for those who perspire a lot.

Curvex for the Cilia of the straight type, but for short make sure that the appliance does not hurt the skin. Change regularly.

For the straight and short eyelashes, use the eyelash curler and then apply the mask stretcher.

At the time of applying the mask carefully with the excessive amount.
Pass the same brush in both eyes.

Remove the surplus (on the eyelashes moist yet) with paper towel or cotton swab and the wires don’t stay glued to adopt clean brush between a layer and the other.

Wash the brush before, beating the applicator, wet just the tip of the product not to blur.

The trick to lengthen the wires use multiple mask layers of stretch and after drying, the product of bow. The effect is amazing.

Mask in the lower lashes is unusual, with the exception of holidays and at night.

Colorful products fall well for ballad. For Brunettes, blue, green and purple to pale and Golden to black.The shadow that follows should be clearer.