Exposure of Hair to Sun, Sea and Pool Is Harmful

Hairstylist indicates treatments to stop them getting damaged wires

Summer is coming and more than ever it is necessary to strengthen the hair care at this time. Of course, this concern must exist at all times, however, with exposure to Sun, sea, sand and water of the pool, the wires are weakened and malnourished if not treated in a special way.

Adriana Dalhatu, Salon hairstylist Gilberto Hairdressers, says hydration is key factor in summer and that should be done often and in the right manner. There’s no point in using any product or one that is not specific to your hair. “Do a weekly moisturizing is ideal to have a beautiful, healthy, shiny hair,” he says.

Women with fine hair end up suffering with direct exposure to the Sun, due to the burning of the scalp. In addition to the use of specific products for hair protection, Adriana indicates the hats. You need to be very careful at the time of exposure to the Sun, you won’t want to be with a dermatitis and not with a flaking on your head, huh? No way should use sunscreen of the body to the hair. “There are specific products to protect the wires and scalp,” recommends. Adriana says that you can use a leave-in with Sun protection. “He restores moisture to hair,” says. And complements saying that ingest enough water helps hydrate the wires.

The dyed hair and discolored demand even more specific care. Adriana says that most of the time the bleached hair are greenish, when the woman enters the pool, because there’s a oxidation of chlorine. In these cases it indicates “wear it once a week or every 15 days a deep cleansing shampoo or antirresíduos. There are specific protectors to pass before entering the pool creating a protective film on the wires, “he says.

Adriana warning about the habits of women that compromise the quality of the hair in the summer. “Many of them don’t take an ideal kit for hair, use any kind of shampoo, don’t rinse right, leaving residues on the hair like salt,” he says. Another very common mistake that women make is when they hold wet hair. “It ends with the wires, because they always hold in the same spot, creating a brand and can even break the hair fiber,” alert.