Even If You Are on Your Back, Facebook Already Knows That You Are in The Picture

The face is no longer the key element that can use automatic recognition systems in photos. Not at least in the new algorithm that are testing on Facebook. From your lab related to IA are working quite successfully in a new method that allows recognize people in the photos even if your face is hidden or is not clearly visible. This development is part of an ambitious project around neural networks to achieve even fool the human eye.

To achieve this, Yann LeCun project manager says that they have resorted to other features of people who want to recognize and are not related directly with his face, for example certain clothing, hairstyle, tattoos … With this system the algorithm of Facebook was right in 83% of cases, with a base of 40,000 public photos on Flickr where type photo snapshots were mixed, from which they included faces clearly visible to people on your back.

More and less privacy at the same time

The new algorithm, in testing phase, will provide a great value for applications and social networking services related to the recognition of people, labeled separation of photos in different events and automatic. In this last aspect it will help the system to recognize clothing or people who surround us on a particular photo.

From Facebook also feeds the idea that this method of recognition of people but not see them the face You can collaborate in a most private users to identify automatically in photos of others and put us on notice of this situation.

But doubts are clearly stronger in the opposite direction, which raises doubts about whether this new algorithm and which will come in the future, able to recognize you even without looking at camera, represent a true uncontrollable earthquake for privacy. Because we want to or not, Yes, we all have something to hide.