Energy Saving Night Lights

UV light that attracts insects, in order to subsequently grilling, unfortunately hardly acts against mosquitoes – only fly landing upright on the grill. The Lunartec energy saving lamp with insect repellent works exactly the opposite: bright yellow bright they should not attract the mosquitoes, but distribute.

Energy Saving Night Lights

Who sits on warm summer evenings in the vicinity of a light source, is swarmed and sucked. From Osram there was yellow light bulbs that should prevent this, but with the incandescent ban these have disappeared from the stores. The Lunartec energy saving lamp with insect protection shall become the successor of the yellow light bulbs and allegedly even expel the mosquitoes.

With 25 watts of power – much of an energy saving lamp – they should correspond to a 70 W incandescent lamp. That they are not as efficient as normal energy-saving lamps, located on the yellow shade, which obviously does not fit the Fluorescent spectrum. Nevertheless, it is visible light, for reading, it is sufficient only partially, but in any case for entertaining.

On a warm summer evening I took the practice test and sat bravely the buzzing vampires out – first without, then with yellow light irradiation.

Result: The yellow light is not buzzing around what is already a positive for all night insects and also the (two-legged) revelers saves stress. The conventional UV mosquito magnet are not even allowed to use outdoors, since they massively attract and also destroy beneficial insects – they are intended for closed rooms. Moreover, it is not very romantic when it every few seconds as a deflection off a pleasant evening, smokes and stinks.

In about 50 cm radius around the lamp no mosquitoes were to be found – only from 1 m distance. Keep Lunartec energy saving lamp with insect protection is not suitable to hold an entire night discussion completely free of mosquitoes, as long as you do not sell to large pack will fall, but it is already much more pleasant than a normal light.

Who now thinks of his mosquito-infested bedrooms and there also so wants to install a lamp, we have to disappoint you, however: Because the light is likely to be too bright to be for sleeping and a mosquito that can not leave the room will, sooner or later sting yet ,