Enamel Fortifying Nails – Buy, Price

Tips and information on the price of nail polish for you you want to buy.

With frequencies many women visit the manicure and use a lot of nail polish. Or even those women who do not know how to run out of nail polish. The result is weakened and brittle nails.The nails reflect the health of the organism since they are cutaneous appendages formed by different segments of the skin.

The nails have a lot of keratin and are involved in the process of protecting the organism from the external environment and have aesthetic function. So it must be well cared for.

Only with the observation of the state of the nails can some health problems be detected. For example, weak nails may be excess chemistry used on them (enamels) as well as shortage of nutrients. So in that case the solution to weakening the nails may be to further space the application of nail polishes over it and choose to use nail polishers that have in their composition vitamins and calcium in their formula which helps to give a healthier appearance the nails and strengthen them. You usually find these products in beauty product stores and the price on average is $ 12, varying according to the brand.

Some vitamin deficiencies can affect the health of the nails as: deficiency of vitamin A, that gives whitish aspect to the nails and brittle; vitamin B12 deficiency, darkened longitudinal lines; vitamin C deficiency, nail hemorrhage, with the presence of red spots; zinc deficiency, grayish color, dry and thickened cuticle, among other types of deficiency.

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Other measures can help treat nails and strengthen nails: use gloves to use hygiene products such as dish washing detergents; check that this change of habit can help improve the appearance of your nail, if not, seek a dermatologist; use specific enamels for allergies and also check if this change has changed the look of the nails better, also the previous advice applies; avoid taking too much of the cuticle as this is a nail protection against diseases. In doubt always look for a doctor who can guide you better about nail care.a