Elie Saab Spring/Summer Seen from Behind

The of Elie Saab It has been one of the most celebrated parades: their evening dresses, those that invite you to dream of a special and unforgettable event, they liked the majority of public without stressing between the masculine and feminine. And today we showed you the pictures from backstage, the vast majority did not see:?How were they prepared the models? What makeup do they use? A secret that almost never is revealed, but today from Jezebel I approached this world that we like a little more.

A series of images in black and white made by the photographer Elodie Chapuis discovered us these unknowns and more. Unlike many how parades of Miu Miu where the models wore a impossible to make-up (la shadow Red was recorded in my retinas for ever), the designer wanted a simple makeup, elegant and that conducive to the models. So the makeup artists had a ‘chop’ of how they should paint the assigned model.

During the Fashion weeks you know: one does not have time for anything and any place is good to take a NAP express. While you makeup or you comb the models used to rest briefly. And it is that it is not easy to be up top to low heels during four consecutive weeks…

One of the favorite tops has been Anja Rubik, without hesitating a moment. Their long legs, his features and his eyes have fallen in love half planet. She already is an expert in that of walking the catwalks and shows: while a few makeup them she reviewed tabs.

And to combat boredom…!Candy! Who said that they had no whims?

Be careful with my hair

The hair is one of the most precious goods for (almost) all women (and men). Therefore, their care is always present in every one of the parades. For this occasion they chose to use Extensions in the hair of the models (all is not gold that glitters).

As with makeup, hairdressers They followed instructions with pictures the model already combed in a previous test.

Something that caught my attention? That some models them braids made… For what? I mean, the end result we all saw him: long long wavy hair. In the end, sure that’s some trick hair salon that I now know.

What you think these images?