Electronic Arts Holds Christmas Sale for Windows Phone Apps

The popular game maker EA has in the spirit of Christmas now put more of their popular titles down for Windows Phone users.

Christmas is hjerternes fest, and a number of app developers are doing in this context quotes to put even greater momentum to the sales of apps.

Now follows gaming giant Electronic Arts-after and bring prices down on several titles for Windows Phone users. It writes our site.

The games to be set up is the following:

NFS: Hot Pursuit-from 33 USD to 20 USD.

Storm in a Teacup-from 20 KR. to 7 us $.

Contre Jour-from 20 KR. to 7 us $.

Vampire Rush-from 20 KR. to 7 us $.

FC Rocket-from 20 KR. to 7 us $.

SPY mouse-from 20 KR. to 7 us $.

The Sims Medieval-from 33 USD to 20 USD.

There is also no announced date for when the sale ends, so it is to be quick if you want to ensure entertainment for the Christmas holidays.