Dyed Hair in Summer: Tips to Watch Out the Wires

Here’s how to spend the whole summer without losing the color and luster of the hair

With increasing temperature and the approach of summer, plans to spend a few days on the beach or a swimming pool also are beginning to be stroked. For women who have their hair dyed, planning must also include some care with the wiring, so they cross the hottest season of the year with the color alive and undamaged.

Dyed hair and beach: how to care for?

  • Even before the beginning of summer and the trip to the beach, invest in deeper hydration with specific masks for dyed hair, so you enough on the beach with the wires. Remember that you should never exceed the waiting time recommended by the manufacturer, or sunbathe with the product in his hair.
  • The low ph also shampoos are good products for dyed hair. That’s because it helps keep the cuticles of the closed and hold the pigment longer.
  • Every time I go to the beach, apply a sunscreen for hair. When coming out of the sea, play a bit of mineral water in to remove excess salt and pass a little more protective.
  • To prevent the wires get too embarrassed, let the hair up in buns or braids free-technique, including, let more natural undulations. The use of hats is also important to prevent the hair burn and be faded.
  • After a period of sunshine, it is normal that the hair be more opaque and parched, so as soon as I get back from the beach back to hydrate the wires on a regular basis. If you feel that the color of dye lost a little, you can apply a toner at.

Dyed hair and pool: how to care for?

  • Before you go, apply leave-in cream with Sun protection factor for, in addition to lessen the impact of the Sun, wrap the threads with a type of film that protects against chlorine – indispensable, especially, not to let the blond hair with green color.
  • To get out of the pool, throw mineral water in your hair and apply the pad again.
  • Care when combing wet chlorine wires, they break easily. To do this, use soft brushes and with balls on the tips of the bristles.
  • At the time of the pós-piscina bath, the most recommended is to wash your hair with a shampoo antirresíduos, to remove any leftover chlorine, followed by a good hydration.