Dutch National Football League Teams

Fter almost 70 years of amateur football KNVB went into football season 1956-1957 finally launched a professional League for football teams. Since there are already quite a few teams become champions, clubs Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV score high in the statistics. View all national champions from 1957 until 2015 the winners.


In the Netherlands include the football to the most popular sports. Children play in the streets, in fields near or in a club. Every weekend to educate hundreds of thousands of players of all ages and at various levels to improve their skills. They can have their properties and to their team displays in weekly League games. There are competitions in different departments. The winners flowing to larger regions with stronger opponents.From region to regional and, eventually, the entire country. The best teams play for the national title. And eventually ends up in a class that will manage the money, professional football. In a sport as popular as football, it is not surprising that the team was struggling to pull together the best players. It’s not small amounts, clubs will have to dig deep in their pockets for a good player to find himself. In football is a lot of money.


The National Football League has been around since 1888-1889 season. This competition is played only amateur teams. From season 1956-1960 and was left. The KNVB started that year with a professional League. The best teams in the country came in this League. Aside from the League were originally a first and a second division professional soccer is now next to the Premier League a division, currently known as the Jupiler League. The best teams from the national Professional League can in turn is transferred to the European leagues, the Europa League and the Premier League, the Champions League.


Before you act, a law first needs to reach the top in the patriotic professional football at European level. It regularly provides an exciting competition where only one of the last matchdays clear running away with champion scale. In the table, you can see which country champions the Professional League since 1956-1957 season has produced below. Below is a table which clearly what League teams will have been the most successful.


Not all teams eventually end up back at the highest level, even if they mostly played in the Professional League. Do you want to know who has won the most awards? In the chart below, you can see who has the most Championships won, from 1956-1957 season, with Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord have clearly won the most prices. But beware: past performance does not guarantee future….