Duolingo Is This Year’s App for iOS

Apple has now released their “Best of 2013” list that celebrates the best content in their iStores

Technology giant Apple celebrates each year the content in their App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store.

2013 is no exception, and Apple’s editors is again ready to list, not surprisingly called “Best of 2013”.

Duolingo winner of the year iPhone app
This year’s app for iPhone goes to the huge, easy-to-use Duolingo app, which in a fun way can teach you new language.

Our site has recently created a complete “how-to” guide that helps you get started with Duolingo. It is found you here.

This year’s iPad-app goes to Traktor DJ, who is a revolutionary tool that Djs can use when they need to mix music.

The rest of the overview you will find here.