Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer: Things of Boys, Baby

The first great name in the calendar of the Paris fashion week It is not trivial. The Belgian Dries Van Noten It has well deserved and he does not detract that place with his collection summer 2013. Join Courtney Love with the fru fru of Valentino and a bit of Sid Vicious It is complicated on paper but it makes it simple and beautiful.

“ Is more masculine, more sewing and more grunge ” said the creator after the parade in his backstage. And no doubt it is, who better than he to define the collection as feminine stitching and masculine grunge & #8221;


And Yes, indeed, if we think in grunge What comes to our memory? Shirts woodcutter of the time, those who wore the Soundgarden and that to me so much I liked. Like him, I like to break, mix and do crazy things and mix a Wyoming lumberjack shirt strikes me as the best way to tell the fashion you do what comes you gana. Dries Van Noten has done so, with shirts in lightweight semi-transparent gauze skirts with so much artifice that you would never think that a woman could wear both, mixed and well.

All stains that masculinity youth groups of the 1990s and their groupies waiting them swathed in doc martens and dresses with big cleavages. Your tartany your mixes with flowers are sometimes tediossas but due to a chromatic question. Imagine this same in citrus colors, mixtures of strawberries and lemons and oranges would have been amazing.