Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter: a Deep Trip to Asia

Dries Van Noten has the capability of reinvent the invented in a surprising and effective way. The Belgian has presented a collection that touches perfection at Paris fashion week. Their designs travel to Asia and it was inspired by places, already not so exotic, such as China, Japan or Korea. Designer dived into the archives of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to stop a necessary collection. The music of Bon Iver, “Woods” who accompanied the models on the catwalk, was ideal to give that feeling of peace and good work.

Oriental prints

Dries Van Noten has that of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and from made photos of the costumes of the file there created the Oriental prints 2D and 3D in the collection. Modernity, tradition and exoticism come together in your clothes.

Male lines

Male lines printed in many of his designs. Oversize, masculine trousers, suits jackets very structured coats to give the woman of unusual elegance.

Kimono dresses

They are dresses or skirts but could be the wonderful kimonos you carry the geishas. The elaboration of a kimono is costly and time-consuming, the dresses of Dries Van Noten they are also. They have the imprint of the past but overflowing today, modernity and elegance.

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