Dreams of Opulence, Modernity and Marie-Antoinette

You like to Karl Lagerfeld be contrary to the world. When France calls for a Socialist Government and higher rates to the wealthiest, he atusa Baroque wigs, dyed his collection of a caramel color of cupcake and emulates the most fractious and wasteful Antoinette. Where best can is provide this dream that at the Palace of Versailles?

Its gardens, fountains and their memories of a Baroque life tastes and spending are the setting chosen by the kaiser to show a collection that assumes that the Maria Antonietas of this century will go in their cruisers when cool weather.

Have already defined you style.com: he is the King of Versailles and luck to the new Sun King with the wonderful climate with which the models wore Royal Palm.

Vanessa Paradis, the muse who was also photographed by Karl in this same place for his album, said that you can not choose best place to present this collection. And it certainly is right: place your tulle, chorreras, rich silks, wigs, mittens and ornaments of centuries in this place is not something original but spectacular.

Show the opened face Delavigne, who embodied the first what would then be a dream inspired by the fast and superficial life of Marie-Antoinette, his polisones, hoops and other FRU FRU corseteros.

Their wigs and bangs are androgynous, their textures and the most ornate ornaments and more Baroque environment. If one could choose a parade to attend, this would be one of them.

Madame de Pompadour also swarmed there, at least that captured the genius of the painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, this porcelain doll who read books while posing more engarzadas ontentosas wrapped in the richest silks and flowers to your dress.

The Herald Tribune and the same Lagerfeld brand collection of serious levity and when the feathers of half the world already clamoring for this opulence in the midst of a new climate of change in France, one believes that the best way to pass the time, longer than crisis, is to dream.

It brings dreams of the 18th but passed through the sieve of the most avant-garde fashion: your shoes creepers in sorbet colors, their shorts, one of the present, enriched with chiffon ruffles and nothing usual volumes and the cowboy who abandons wilderness and is dressed in Baroque style.
A sight to behold and the taste of all attendees and the 70 models that on occasions such as these, remember why you love their work despite carrying on her cheeks the last occurrence of the genius, the logo of the signature makeup.

Details from male in the form of decadent frills in sets a feminine lilac color and a beautiful review of wigs before, this time dyed light color and cut to the bob style.