Down Jacket Reviews

Ultralight Down Jacket Test: Breathability

Although I normally this jacket not during aerobic activity would wear, I did it for this test yet again. For one day I did as insulation jacket when skiing worn. Temperatures ranged from-3 ° C and + 2 ° C. The combination of layers of clothing has remained unchanged.

For these conditions, it was for my taste much too hot under the jacket of Cumulus. I was drenched in sweat at home and the jacket first had to ventilate overnight in the open air to get back zubekommen perspiration odor out.  The breathability I could so naturally not test, because it was just too hot for it and actually not even in the field of application a down jacket coat.The heat output is, however, ideal for light weight and exceeds the Vaude Primaloft jacket Alagna II.

During downhill and horizontal walking I feel the air under the light down jacket but very enjoyable, because my body does not sweat then particularly strong. If uphill walking or other aerobic activity, I no longer need that extra heat.

The Endurance coating

The special feature of the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance is the ultralight Endurance membrane of the fabric, whereby the jacket a water column of 1.000mm receives. While this makes them not really waterproof, but increases their resistance to light rain. But that also works as promised?

Until now I had the jacket even for a half hour in light rain to. This has reliably defied. The water is beautiful abgeperlt the outer fabric and also has not soaked him in this period. If you should come with the jacket so even in light rain, you do not make too much worry about the down fill you. In strong rain or long-duration rainfall I would jacket but were not using no additional rain protection.

Freedom of Movement Within the Jacket

In the outdoor activities that I have applied to the Incredilite Endurance far, the jacket has been through all the motions easily. Limited I felt at no time. But if I’m raising the hood and closely conforming to my head, then penetrate much less noise in my ears. A real conversation I then could no longer perform. The hood restricts an auditory anyway a)

Conclusion for Cumulus Incredilite Endurance

If you like a truly ultralight down jacket that will keep you even with more reliable hot deeper sub-zero temperatures to keep, then you are well advised with the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance. They can be excellent compress n the light weight and fits easily into any (hiking) backpack.Unfortunately the hood carries on a bit strong and fits poorly under a hardshell jackets hood.

But it is very comfortable and warm up your head really first class. The average and the decor of 350g lightweight down jackets have also convinced me through MensJacketsStore. Overall, Incredilite Endurance is a great insulation jacket for mountain sports ultralight ambitions. I look forward to further warming outdoor adventure with her!

An alternative to the Incredilite Endurance would the Vaude Alagna II. The Primaloftjacke is not quite as easy, but warm in winter yet reliable. She is also a whole corner cheaper.

Update May 2016

From the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance I’m so excited that I dressed myself in my free time in the city. The feel and also their functionality are really unique! I have the original bag against a watertight and ultralight Dry-Bag Sea to Summit * replaced to protect the jacket in a backpack at any time before the rain. Also in (4 liter version) it can be packed very compactly. As already mentioned, it loses at the seams every now and then a few tiny down. I think that’s not too bad and the Pertex Quantum Material is really downproof completely!

More Opinions About the Jacket

Kathrin from Miss Out has the Cumulus Incredilite in (without Endurance)frigid Alaska to test! Here you can find their products!