Doom Father Creates Game to Facebook

After winning fame and fortune thanks to his bloodthirsty games that marked a whole generation, as Wolfstein 3D, Doom and Quake, John Romero is back. And who would say, the newest creation of the programmer responsible for pearls that involved a cyberdemônio with an implanted bazooka in one of his arms is a simple game for Facebook called Ravenwood Fair.

Developed in conjunction with Lolapps companies (huh?) In the title the player incarnates a cuddly any animal that needs the help of his friends to mount a Renaissance fair in the woods, facing setbacks as monsters hidden in the woods and playing with his playmates in their free time.

After years dedicated to the production of testosterone armed plants to the teeth, Romero seems to be excited about this change of direction. In an interview with Venture Beat went on to say that “I would like to live in Ravenwood Fair.”

Those who are already suspicious of Romero’s sanity, calm: he is also involved in a social game project to a public “more mature”, still no release date.

The curious, Ravenwood Fair is now available on Facebook.