Do They Books Cure Diseases?

Novels of all kinds, detective, historical, fantastic, love… We went to them when we need comfort, entertainment, a laugh or escape from our day-to-day problems. But and if books could cure those problems? Could they be a real remedy?

Immerse yourself in a good book is much more than getting lost for a few hours in another universe, we brought back with us all that which inspired us to plot or your personal. The novels not only inform us or entertain us, also they motivate us, help us to reflect and heal us of our ills. Help us to escape from our problems, but also to return them ornate and harder that never of meet them or solve them to inspire us in our hero or heroine favorite.

It is what is known as Bibliotherapy, guided reading-based therapy (ideally, do it with a biblioterapeuta) that leads to reflection and that cure is understood as open to another dimension.

The first thing we must understand is that you must not distinguish between the mental and physical illness. NI between the large and small. The right book can be the perfect remedy If what you want is to find yourself, your half orange or the motivation to give a total twist to your life. But it is also a good remedy for situations more mundane, as when you’re moving yourself or you have broken you leg. There is a literary cure for every disease or condition and the solution is not only in the pharmacy but also in your amiga library, your library or your e-books reader.

The Bibliotherapy are not only self-help books.

Two thousand years of history of the literature given to much and fans to read until the yellow pages have been using novels, consciously or unconsciously, for centuries as if they were self-help books. Balzac pills, SALVES of Agatha Christie, aspirin against headache prescription by Terry Pratchett and hundreds of yummy syrup manufactured by other legendary authors: Hemingway, Saramago, Cervantes, John Kennedy Toole, etc.

At times, is the story that engages us and shows us another point of view, sometimes, is vibrant prose which gives us a shot of energy and sometimes, it is the rhythm of poetry that stimulates parts of the brain. A good book is the best of medicines.

When you get immersed in a novel, through page after page, you can see what the character sees, playing what the hero touches, learn what you learn… Yes, you will think that you’re sitting on your couch, but really, your senses, your soul, your thoughts are somewhere else completely different. In short, you are traveling to another world in the company of the author. And on the way back, your life won’t be the same.

The Science supports it.

In the year 2013, a group of psychologists from the New School for Social Research in New York discovered that read literary fiction increased our ability to understand the emotions of others.

Another study conducted by researchers at the Ohio State University in the year 2012 discovered that reading can reach even to change the behavior of the reader. And another (again!) the University of Liverpool study came to the conclusion that readers have up to 21% less chance of experiencing depression than non-readers, and also enjoy greater self-esteem. And at the University of Sussex found that after six minutes of reading we can reduce our stress up to 68%.

What are they great news for those who can not live without a book in the hand?

For every problem there is a remedy. And a book.

Annually published thousands, hundreds of thousands of books, but only a few life-changing you. It is difficult to decide which books to read depending on your circumstances. And, besides, life is too short to waste time reading bad books. Make sure you are well advised.

Although some remedies librarians do not need the prescription of an expert. We all know that if we are to suffer an outbreak of adolescence (because everything makes us put eyes blank and nobody understands us) there is nothing like reading the Guardian on J.D.Salinger. rye Or if we suffer for adultery (that of our partner or own) must manage large amounts of Madame Bobary de Flaubert and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Broken hearts are cured with Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and that if you’ve arrived at forty and have something like a crisis you can heal you reading to Fannie Flagg and his green tomatoes fried at the Whistle Stop cafe. For occasions in which we suffer a cold there is many remedies in the pharmacy, but they are the perfect excuse to get into bed with a comforting reading that remove you all evil, something like the Princess Bride of William Goldman or the age of innocence Edith Wharton.

If you have a sudden attack of cowardice you will have to take a dose of to kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and if what you want is to cry as if there were a morning will have to decide between prescribe a Doctor Zhivago pill or a bit from the journal of Noa. And if you’re always depressed you can autorecetarte a little more Plato or less Prozac. When you’ve decided to quit smoking once and for all you can read is easy to stop smoking if you know how. And to stress there is nothing like the books coloring, as you have here. For insomnia there is nothing like reading the book of the uneasiness of Fernando Pessoa and if you are submerged in a lethargic state, give a chance to Don Quixote. To combat a lust uncontrolled the girl with the Pearl of Tracy Chevalier and to overcome injustice, the reader Bernhard Schlink.

You will discover that reading is not a waste of time, but an incredible way of life experiences and emotions that otherwise takes you much in live… or would not do otherwise. A magical way of Discover another view of life and what are the actions of others, the best example. And of course, you learned that lesson, being wiser and more emphatic, It is difficult to not become a better person.


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