Do It Yourself: Pendant Fixture With Sisal Rope

Who’s connected environments decorating trends know that rustic concept is always high. An elegant and functional object, which follows this line and can help write any environment, is the lamp pendant made with sisal rope.

To help you create this craft project that never goes out of fashion and leave your home or Office with your man, we prepare this simple step-by-step. Keep watching and check out!

Pendant lamp: elegance and simplicity

Before starting this project, you will need 1 roll of sisal rope, with 50 meters, which is easily found in craft stores; 1 inflatable plastic ball; 1 felt-tip pen, or any other pen whose ink is adherent to plastic; 1 lamp kit, which includes socket, Crystal wire, cigarette lighter and the lamp.

When buying the ball, stay tuned because the size you choose will be the size of the dome of the pendant luminaire will have in the end.

Put his hand in the cookie jar

  1. First, make a mixture of white glue with water and soak the entire sisal rope in it.
  2. Then select with the felt-tip pen a circle around the valve of the inflatable ball. To do this, you may need the aid of a round object, like a lid for example.
  3. Once selected, cover the ball with the rope, randomly, so that form small cracks. Take care that the valve area is avoided, so look for respect the limits of the markup.

4. Ao end, tie a knot with the end of the rope, small and discreet enough not to be noticed.

  1. Look for strengthening with more glue on points in the rope crosses, to make sure she will not fall apart later. Then let the rope dry for a few hours.
  2. When the rope is completely dry, remove the ball valve. Okay, now you have a beautiful and rustic Dome to the light fixture.

7. Se you want to perfect the finish of your dome, rather than let the aspect of sisal rope, cover it with gold spray paint or varnish and wait to dry, this will give a sophisticated touch to the luminaire.

  1. Now just install safely. With the help of a professional, insert the socket with the lamp on the opposite hole of the dome, and hang.

Have you seen? With a few materials and a few simple steps, you will be able to provide a differentiated lighting to any environment.

Composing the environment

With this lamp, you can compose minimalist environments, providing the touch of personality that lacked the space or can complement environments with earthy tones furniture or hardwood floors.

Is valid score that the size of the dome, the thickness of the rope and the finish may vary according to your preference. So, you can take advantage of imagination!

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