DIY Wooden Crate Floral Center

If there is something that we love is the natural decoration, details decorative handmade, wood and flowers… And if it all together and make a cocktail we this floral drawer Center

And is that when we saw in Love Grows Wild , we think that it was made with a drawer, but so we have used a simple wood tables… those bits that we are always plenty of other diy projects, wood that we accumulate by not throwing anything and that we do not know to do… because this flower is perfect! do not you think a good gift?

Materials needed

A drawer that you have house or remains of wood (to the size that you want the drawer) according to image

Tips, small nails or tail Assembly.

Bitumen of judea for aging pine wood grain

Glass canisters

Paint white, or color that you like

Sanded to wear a little painting and aging drawer


Tools: drill if you use the technique of assembling images, but with a tail Assembly and tips you can do it perfectly… Just as we made this tray for lemonade. in fact, following the instructions you can assemble drawer. Already you can see that it is simple mu;)

Once you have assembled the drawer, it would be interesting to darken the betas of wood with bitumen of judea, as well then you will better appreciate the wood. If crate already had it’s time to remove the handle to paint it well, we will return to put at the end.

Let dry bitumen of judea

Apply the white paint and let dry

Now comes the funniest moment… Let’s grow old drawer! To do this we will use a fine sandpaper with which we will be sanding all insisting more on corners and edges… until you as more like it.

We only have put the handle, put a glass pots, a few flowers and we have it!

Do you fancy to decorate your home with a detail as colorful as this natural handmade?

Where do you colocaríais it? Would do it from the beginning or recycling a drawer?

Be happy!
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