Directly on the Podium

The N82 is Nokia’s first mobile phone with a real Flash. In addition, many business and entertainment features in Nokia’s put new disc. It achieved this N82 ranked third with phones and secures a place among the best ten smart phones.

Viewed not only from the front flashes and sparkles the N82 with much chrome. Also at the rear, the mobile can stream with a genuine xenon flash. This is a real novelty in Nokia and so far only by Sony Ericsson or LG phones known.

Beyond the good camera equipment, Nokia has packed much into the handy case.The Symbian mobile phone is good with its office facilities for the business and can send data via cellular network afloat thanks to HSDPA and receive. The total package is true: that catapulted up the third place ranking in the mobile phone and manages nine with the Smart phones ranked.

Phone And PDA-Facilities

The N82 is interesting thanks to thicker camera and many Office features both for multimedia lovers as for business users.

Even with the N82, Nokia opts by the N-series like the N95 or the N81-known telephone equipment: GSM Quadband, extensive contact management, group functions, voice dialing, voice control and gimmicks like the comfortable program managers are just a few Highlights. In between check mails or quickly go on the Internet? The N82 is thanks to HSDPA is easy in phase II.

No HSDPA available, is they can surf with EDGE or GPRS network. Speaking of surf: a very comfortable usable browser that normally easily controlled via joystick and mouse pointer as from the local PC can be put In the N82. In the test, it was loaded in about 14 seconds the site of A good value for cell phones.

PDA functions
Business functions such as the program of Quickoffice, a viewer for Office documents, a PDF reader, a ZIP-program, a bar code scanner and a unit converter into the N82 at the factory. For SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 accounts, you can use an E-Mail client. The client supports multiple accounts.

There are also all important PIM functions (personal information management) such as appointment management, memo pad and task scheduler available. Tasks, contacts and appointments can match it with the computer. In the test, 1,000 contacts via USB were matched in less than 3 minutes with the PC. About 30 seconds longer required matching via Bluetooth.

Data And Navigation

Lots of memory and a navigation solution with integrated GPS receiver, navigation software and maps make the N82 the versatile Companion.

Factory, 1,610 MByte memory, including the included 2 GB microSD card, into the phone. You can connect to other devices via USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi (54 MBit/s). Also stereo Blutooth headset supports the N82 thanks to the existing A2DP profile. In the test, one landed 3 MByte large MP3 file via USB after 6 seconds in the phone memory. An entire album (12 MP3s, 49 MB) needed just over a minute for the transfer.

Navigator inside
We know the navigation solution of the N82 from the Nokia N95 8 GB, at least largely resembling the N82 in the operating system and software equipment. Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is also in the N82: thus the cell phone via mobile network gets info about your location and the there visible satellites.This makes the otherwise rather lengthy location a lot faster.

As for the N95, cards from the factory are installed. If you need more material or travel guide features, can download for a fee. The use of GPS to determine location is free factory. If you want to use the language-supported route navigation, you must complete a subscription.

To try, you can use a free-valid for only 3 days-test license. A 3-year licence is 69.99 euros, there are annual licences for 59.99 euros and the 30-day license from 7.99 and 7 days for 6.49 euros. In the test, the navigation with the free trial worked quickly and precisely.

Multimedia: Full Pack

In the area of multimedia, the N82 plays its trumps. 5 megapixel, Carl Zeiss lens and real xenon flash. There also our current number 1 ranking in the mobile can not compete.

In the field of photo function, the N82 represents a real innovation at Nokia. As the first mobile phone from Finnish production, it has a real xenon flash. We know the lens digital camera by Carl Zeiss and a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels of N95 8 GB also. It offers in addition to editing options for images of also burst mode, scene modes, color effects, and Weißabgleichsprofile.

The images from the N82 look good not only on the phone. Thanks to the high resolution and natural colour reproduction, they can perform pictures confidently on the home TV. Works by the way very easily in the included TV cable. By the way: Also the Flash shots of the N82 can be quite. In our completely darkened lab, the lightning delivered good results (see Photo Gallery).

Music and games
The new multimedia menu of Nokia is also in the N82. On rotating “index card”, users can find the themes of music, Internet, maps, Gallery, video, navigation and games, as well as access to the contacts. The music player itself has steam properly and sounds with the enclosed headphones at very powerfully.

Songs have found using ID3 tags, map and evaluate. The sound settings that can adjust via 8-band equalizer. You can also use is also an FM radio. Includes in addition to the N-Gage gaming platform, the only two game demos, is still the old well-known game “Snakes” on the phone.

Practice: Very Small Buttons

Not Nokia would be on the phone, the Viewer might think also he got a Sony Ericsson mobile phone is. We know the typical small buttons of the Japanese Swedish mobile phones.

Key data and handling
The phone is just handy 112 x 50 x 19 mm and 116 grams. The Candybar design in conjunction with the large display makes the N82 appear quite long.However, it lies well in the hand. The processing is consistently high-quality, if also the chrome front through fingerprints quickly grubby looks. In terms of battery life, the cell phone has average services to offer.After 3 hours and 20 minutes at full GSM transmitter power was final.

The very small buttons and the long construction difficult handling something. So they must keep quite far down the phone to enter numbers or letters by mobile phone keypad. The small buttons seemed not very user friendly. Otherwise, the N82 is very comfortable control, and thanks to freely assignable buttons, to create a possible reordering of the menu structure and the option own folder also just fine to own needs vary.

Display and acoustic
The display of the N82 is good size with 36 x 49 millimeters. Also brightness and contrast they liked in the test. Images, videos or texts, the display is very sharp and vividly all information. With regard to telephone sound could not quite convince the N82. On the mobile and landline voice sounded nuschelig and something to dull. The handsfree sounds very metallic, but loud enough.

Conclusion: Mature Power

The photo Smartphone Nokia N82 three in our mobile rankings and ranked nine in the Smartphones moves on square.

Nokia’s photo Smartphone N82 offers numerousMultimedia features including 5-megapixel camera, xenon flash and a sound strong music player for Business users interesting details. So the mobile phone factory brings, for example, an Office reader. They will never have thanks to HSDPA – or optionally GPRS and EDGE – on fast data connections via mobile network.

Also as unerringly companion suitable mobile phone thanks to A-GPS and maps. For use as a mobile navigation system is missing only a car holder and a car charger included. Battery performance and acoustics are rather average at the N82. Less like the small, pretty far down we have Keys. The N82 cost almost 530 euros without contract currently in our price comparison.

That Sony Ericsson K850i offers a wide range of similar features Xenon including Flash and HSDPA. Who is often made with the mobile phone images, gets a well appointed companion in the hand also with the K850i. There’s also the K850i currently already from 410 euro without contract.