Dior Spring-Summer, Femininity with Modern Twist and Futuristic Parade

Last Friday, 14.30 o’clock of the afternoon, Parisians and the guests at the parade Dior for the spring-summer 2016 they attended the opening of that strange mound that seemed to have grown as by spontaneous generation in the Carré du Louvre in Paris.

A kind of garden upholstered delphiniums (in Spain we know them from “Knight spurs”) parececian grow between the rockery. An object that was intended to symbolize the first collection introduced by Monsieur Dior in 1947 entered now in one new era with one futuristic vision without giving up the idea of femininity, the fragility and sensitivity but with force, to create more effect.

So the collection that could be seen was a mixture singularly futuristic and strangely romantic, as if the proposals of Raf Simons were addressed to a woman about to travel through time and space.

A new way of precision and purity with a merely apparent simplicity, since if you look well observe that the entire collection is extremely complex and technical.

The common thread that seems to unify this collection are top and cotton shorts or white linen finished in waves over which the designer has not hesitated to superimpose jackets inspired by the famous model Bar, but more long, sleeveless.

Sometimes has also covered them with transparent organza in shades pink and iridescent then turning them into delicate pieces of lingerie; or below Stheland wool sweaters with the living without Serge, as if they were threadbare.

Sometimes bartering shorts by short mini skirts in front and with a kind of pleated tail hanging them from behind, that does not hesitate to accesorizar with sweaters wrap type in plain colors or with patterns that recalled a little that they tend to use the skiers.

Now that if I ask, my favourite model was a kind of bicolor Duchess satin coat in shades of cream and copper with large horizontal stripes with a series of horizontal pleats at the height of the hip and pleats vertical in a kind of skirt with flight above the knees, with large lapels and pockets, under which Raf Simons had placed an organza with afaroladas transparent sleeves shirt.

More wearable and bland was the three piece pants suitss which had exchanged the customary pinstriped on the other horizontal and that seemed that we had stolen from the male wardrobe.

Precious the parkas, embroidered or with flower applique. As for accessories, Raf Simons decided to not much complicated and the models wore only a single model of socks finished in tip and tied with several turns of the ankle bracelet, adorned with a large buckle. That Yes, available in camel tone, white or black.

The models wore straight hair, with a very high lateral stripe, with a collected. Most carry carrées knotted around the neck or necklaces. In short, an idea that is focused on the idea of femininity, but with more modern and futuristic twist.