Dicas Da Moda Praia

At or on the edge of the pool, fashion is also present and sometimes more intensely than you might think. Fewer clothes, more details in evidence and models should even be well-selected to not get ugly. The beach fashion is there to be used, but it is always good tone to follow some tips to make real beautiful and ensure a good look.Here are five cool tips for anyone who wants to look beautiful at all times with their closet.

1 -If The Belly Is Not Cool, Go To The Swimsuit

In the 90’s, everyone wore a bikini, from the thickest to the faintest.Today, it’s not like that.

The swimsuit is back in fashion and it is worth investing in some modeling if you do not walk so fit like that. We are not saying that you can only wear a swimsuit if you have a negative belly, but it is good to take what the description of the swimsuit has to offer and get even more cured.

With the swimsuit, unique piece, you can dare even covering the belly. V-necklines not so open are for those firm breasts. There are models with metal rings in the center if you are the thin and discreet type and love safety to not show too many breasts. There are those super-open backs for a more consistent and uniform bronze and the darling will take it down if you love this model in the two-piece version.Options are not lacking and less embarrassing than an unhealthy belly shows.

2 -The Little Curtain Never Goes Out Of Style

It is one of the models of beach fashion that never leave, only renew in the tones.Buying five or six you are well served and will not go wrong in the visual. But prefer to use a little more open and not closed for a bronze almost topless. Thecurrent fashion is going to the discreet and sensual side at the same time, and not show everything and border on vulgarity. GG breasts women, watch your shorts; He is treacherous.

3 -High Waist Is Not Ugly

There are those who think, because Brazilian standards say that the lower the better.But in fact it is not. And for those who do not yet have a high waist, know that it is a great option to hide cesarean scars and for those who have a broken belly of not being overweight and wearing a lot of low waist. With the model you get more firm in the fat and it is more comfortable too.

4 -Boxing Panties Is In Fashion

More comfortable bikinis, short type, are the latest trend for the beachwear wardrobe.

The ironic thing is to have the Brazilians as more assiduous in search of models with behaved bikinis. Soon they, who love very small models.

Wide-breasted panties and short-sleeved models leave a strange bronze, so be careful if this is not your intention. At the top can be the one that falls, tops typecropped if it is enemy of the diet or has too long breasts.

5 -Fashion Navy Is For All Time

Or sea fashion. Do not know in which color to invest and want the colors of fashion when it comes to beachwear? Then go of nautical blue, stripes of blue and white, with more closed colors well in the same sailor style. The seasons come and go but the navy fashion is always in fashion. Just be careful with the shade of blue so you do not go wrong and stay in the 80s style without being intensional (which is also a fashion, remember, retro).