Designer Imagines How It Would Be a Smart Watch

Microsoft already has patents for smart watches and rumors indicate that this can happen sometime in a non-distant future. Until then, however, one can only imagine what a smart watch developed by the company, as made the German designer Nadir Aslam.

The artist created a watch concept using Windows Phone’s visual lines, adapted to a round viewfinder, as seen on Moto 360, the smart watch of Motorola, which has pleased more audiences than the square aspect of competitors.

According to Aslan, he tried to recreate a “Microsoft Windows for Wearable” experience, with the visual language currently used by the company, such as the font used in the system, the flashy colors and movement. All of this has also been reduced to suit a small screen, highlighting the most important things.

The concept created by the designer would allow customized backgrounds and would present notifications for messages and posts on Facebook. As well as Android Wear, which rely on Google Now, in the head of Aslan, the Cotana assistant should be an important part of the experience, to access information such as weather forecast, directions, etc.

Again, it is worth pointing out that this is a concept created by a designer indicating how it could be a watch from Microsoft, and does not directly reflect what the company plans for the probable apparatus.

You can check out more images of the material created by Nadir Aslam at this link.

Via Windows Phone Central