Dermatologist Gives Tips to Get a Tan

Use of sunscreen is essential

Summer is coming and, to win an incredible Tan without causing damage to your skin, it is important to choose a good sunscreen.

The dermatologist aesthetic medicine specialist Andrea Nasi, the Faculty of Medicine of ABC Paulista, explains first that the sunscreen is necessary all year, regardless of the season. And that should be chosen taking into consideration the type of skin. “Those who have oily skin, for example, should opt for the base products of gels, oil free and serum. Already the people of dry skin should give preference to lotions and creams, “indicates.

And nothing to leave to protect yourself only when you get to the beach or the pool. The protector must be passed at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and ideally be retouched every 3 hours, even for those who do not get in the water. “The pad will go out with the sweat, the oiliness of the skin, and will lose your power. And even those who do not is exposed directly to the Sun needs to use, because there is an indirect exposure to get out to do routine thing, “he explains. In addition, it is important to note that the Sun is allowed only between the 10:00 and the 4:00 pm.

Even those who took Sun all year and is already tanned need to protect, because, according to dermatologist, skin is the same and will suffer the same way the effects of the Sun. The rule also applies to whoever has black skin, because they burn and can, in smaller proportion, present skin lesions. But the greater risk, of course, is for people with lighter skin. “People have a greater tendency to light burn and thus develop early skin lesions, stains and even skin cancer,” he says. In addition to sunscreen, it’s always good to associate with other accessories, such as hats, glasses and special clothes.

Contrary to what many people think, the face shield does not need to be stronger than the body, but reapplied more times a day and the hair cannot be forgotten. So there is a protection, and to make them brighter, specific for hair protector should be used always, well, let the cuticles of the hydrated. After the Sun, it is important to continue taking good care of the skin, using products based on oils and moisturisers.