Denim Jacket As Inspiration

The inspiration of today has a piece that has already been hit in decades but just back strong in super stylish looks. We’re talking about the denim jacket! Cast the first stone who never had a Planet Hollywood jacket?! Well, for those who do not give him a chance to play, now the jacket appears remodeled, with modeling more slim and with new finishes. And was inspired by blogger productions Nati Vozza I selected two options for you:

As well as the first look of Nati, that first suggestion goes to the man who’s not afraid to mix jeans jeans and looking for something more casual for day to day at ruizesolar! I love this proposal and for this look I selected brand capixaba Illusyon Jeans. In addition to having a footprint ‘ fashion ‘, the price is very affordable. I fell so much for those pants flare balls that I even have a. The glasses is also a find: round model and the mirrored RayBan for Optics Paris who has a friend.

The second production is more geared towards those who enjoy a ballad. And there’s no point in even having a super strict winter, the trend of the next few days is cool a bit more and I think the jacket jeans a wonderful choice for the night. Just fold the sleeves for a more casual look than with blazer and more tidy than wear a cardigan. To complete the look, sandal ounce of Schutz, who, like the play of the previous look, discount and free shipping on the website of the brand.