Democratic Footwear Collection

Founded in France, in São Paulo, in 1983 and aimed at male audiences, the Democrat brand Shoes is very known in Brazil for its highly technological shoes and as the name suggests, democratic, because they are versatile, adding beauty and comfort to different styles for men.

Joining the sophisticated to casual, Democratic models are ideal to accompany the man since the formal moments, even the most relaxed. Tag that has the most comprehensive male market portfolio, she initiated the launch of your spring-summer 2011 collection during the international exhibition of leather and footwear (SICC), in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul.

In the collection, the shoes have been featured in two lines: Denim, Dress and Costume line. On Denim and Dress, the mark bet on daring and innovated in the models, who came in new colors and combinations. Also new are the new Democratic line Denim sandals. Cool and modern, is a line to be used with jeans, as well as assign charm and relaxation in the right measure. Perfect for the man who’s not afraid to say what came.

The 2011 autumn winter Collection of Footwear Democrat exudes beauty, diversity and style. Composed of four lines: Casual, Denim, Dress, Garage and Metropolitan, the collection both bet in footwear at Elishui more stripped and casual, mixing leather and canvas, as in the most stylish models, all made in leather and in muted colors.Making the mixture of materials and design with extreme comfort their strengths.

In addition to the new models, the winter campaign also focuses on new technology Air Full, where all the shoes are equipped with AWS-Air Absorption system (air bubble that absorbs the impact, protecting the joints); Max Memory Insole: extends the comfort and not deform; Leather lining: natural absorption of perspiration; Democratic technology Flex: where the products are highly flexible because they have rubber soles and leather pré-amaciados gel.

Check below some Democratic Shoes collection footwear and get inspired!